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Date: 01-24-2011
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Plexus Puzzles are picture puzzles, plain and simple!

Well, OK,  not entirely simple, because most of our puzzles have at least a few hard parts that take a sharp eye and some cleverness to put together : )

Unlike a standard jigsaw puzzle, which applies a generic shape cutting algorithm to an existing photo, each Plexus Puzzle is a cheap jerseys specially commissioned work of art!

Some of our puzzles are heavy on jigsaw-type color matching, whereas other puzzles feature predominantly whimsical pieces that rely on shape-fitting. And some are equal parts both!

Plexus Puzzles first gained attention on renowned casual games website  Jayisgames.  Shortly thereafter, other sites like Iambored and Neatorama picked us up.  When someone in the Jayisgames community suggested a website solely devoted to Plexus Puzzles, we got to work and finally have a home of our own!

Whether you're looking to sharpen your mind, or just simply relax and unwind your brain after a stressful day, Plexus Puzzles will delight young and old alike!



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